Friday, 14 January 2011

Work Wear - little flowery cardy & Going Out Wear - little black dress... finished!

After my last “nightmare” post I’ve sorted my head out & decided that I have to put some dates in place, start of Spring has been way too vague, so I will start to wear my Spring Capsule Wardrobe on 1st March, following with my Summer Capsule Wardrobe 3 months later 1st June & so on.

Inspired I’ve finished off the little black dress today, finishing the hems on both the dress & the lining along with sewing the flowers on.

I’ve also finished off the little flowery top/ cardy.
I love both items and am looking forward to wearing them.
My next mini project will be my grey trousers, these will be the most important item in my Spring Capsule Wardrobe so have to look good & wear well.

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