Friday, 28 January 2011

More polo shirts, a dress & track pants… all have to be finished by the end of this weekend

The grey fleece is now finished, I decided against putting on the logo, I just wasn’t sure if the logo was way too much (& just to glitzy - which so isn't me!).

This week I’ve made a good start at two more polo shirts this time in navy, they are very practical and not as see through as the white! I will finish these off over the weekend.

I’ve decided I need to work on a few more dresses so have found these two fabrics, the blue will be the lining and the knitted patterned fabric will be the fabric that you see, it will be a very simple dress, with long sleeves.

Along with finishing off the navy polo shirts and making the dress I also plan to make a pair of track pants, I really feel as though time is against me at the moment, Tuesday will be one month to Spring & the real start of the “Capsule Wardrobe Project”.
P.S. I have ordered some name tags and am planning on sewing these into every item I make this year, just for a little bit of fun, but will perhaps save the sewing in of these tags till most of the clothes are made & I’m ahead of things.

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