Monday, 28 February 2011

SS11 dress with flowers & an experimental neck line

I’ve worked on a little experiment over the weekend, I’ve produced a simple grey stretch jersey fabric dress & then added a little collar & on to this I’ve added poppers, with the poppers I’ve attached a flowery fabric to give the impression of a flowery scarf sitting just on the shoulders and along the neckline of the dress. The thinking behind this is that you can produce a dress with a fancy collar which can then be removed for ease of washing (I‘m not saying I‘ve invented the removable collar - but have just decided I would experiment with removable collars). I’ve not finished the decoration on the collar but knowing that I can remove it as it is attached by poppers means I have no restrictions on where I go with this flowery fabric.

I’ve also made a fleece jacket over the weekend, this is very simple & just sewen up on the overlocker, I’m going to make a lining perhaps out of jersey, not sure at the moment though.  The sleeves look really long in these photos but really they are just down to finger length (so the are long but not as crazy long as they look!).

Tomorrow is my official start date of Spring, that means I’m to start wearing the clothes I've made for "The Capsule Wardrobe Project" as of tomorrow.  I’ve decided that I will still continue to wear the clothes I’ve previously bought (after finding two pairs of trousers in my wardrobe over the weekend with price tags on… so totally unworn!!!).  So over this year there will be a gradual move from wearing clothes which I’ve bought to only wearing clothes which I have made. Its still quite weird at the moment I’m ok with not buying clothes but am sure how I will feel when I see something I really want its going to be hard to hold back from buying.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Little flowery cardy for SS11 dress it up or down...

I’ve finally finished sewing the little grey flowery cardy, its taken forever as the embroidery wasn’t quite as quick & easy as I thought it would be, however I’ve no doubt it has been easier than struggling with this thin fabric on my sewing machine.

I’ve styled the cardy up with a sparkly dress I wore for New Year’s eve at the new (nearly new) Public on the King’s Road & a fun necklace which was from M&S!

This is a perfect cardy to be worn on a dressy night or as a casual item with a racer back t & a pair of jeans (which reminds me I need to make a few racer back t’s).

I’ve also been working on the dress I’ve made out of the same flowery fabric. I’m currently in two minds on this while I love the dress I also think I should make it into a top & a skirt, which would be more wearable & in keeping with my Capsule Wardrobe Project as it will allow for more “looks”.  If I make the dress into a top & skirt I might even be able to make little undershorts so I can wear the outfit in mix & match sets for golf.  The stretchy fabric would work well in a sporting environment, I‘m thinking over night on this one! (ps don't look too closely at this dress - still lots of work to be done on it!)

In the mean time I’ve found a similar kind of dress & a lovely leather jacket which if the dress remains a dress I would like to re-create… watch this space.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

SS11 - Yellow tunic with bright pink netting & items from the high street

I've found some items from the high street to wear with my yellow tunic with the bright pink netting...

Cropped jeans

Pink strappy sandals

Pink & silver charm bracelet

Yellow bow purse

Pink purse

Sun glasses

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Yellow dress with bright pink netting - finished!

Today I’ve finished off the yellow dress with the bright pink netting I went a bit OTT with ribbon, embroidery thread & the bright pink netting but its definitely a “Spring Capsule Wardrobe” statement piece.

The chain stitching round the neck line, sleeves & hem took ages but it adds so much I’m pleased I persevered.

After I finished the dress I tried it on, I’ve realised that is perhaps a bit short for a dress & should really be worn as a tunic with perhaps jeans (blue or grey) but I still think its awesome.

Lots of love went into this, & now the last thing I need to do is sew in my label!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

SS11 - Blue flowery dress with pink net & items from the high street

I've been looking at the high street's SS11 collections & found a few items that would go with my blue flowery dress...