Saturday, 5 February 2011

Pink net & flower blue dress… & new fabric

I bought a great blue flowery fabric today, so after lunch I started on another dress. I used the same pattern as the Missoni dress but my major mistake was not allowing enough extra fabric as this new fabric has no give or stretch in it. End result is a very tight dress!!! It sits on the dressmakers dummy ok but when I try the dress on there is simply so allowance for movement… so lesson learnt! I’m going to add a contrast pink netting to the sleeves & add an extra section of fabric to the front of the dress tomorrow.

There are photos of the other new fabrics I bought today below.   Hopefully I won’t have to buy any more fabric this month.

For golf clothing I’m going to make lots of layers of tops (t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts etc) as I just can’t find the right fabric to allow for movement & warmth, the polo shirts work but really have not turned out as nicely as I would have liked.

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