Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The 60s Party dress & The Missoni dress - both timeless classics!

I’ve had a really great evening finishing off the two dresses that are currently my favourite makes so far in my project.

The 60s dress is for my friend Sarah, a few weeks ago she asked if I would help her with a dress for a 60s fancy dress party, we went off bought this crazy flowery fabric & below is the result. I have to admit I was a bit scared by the fabric as it is both shiny & rather thin so not the best fabric for my sometime temperamental sewing machine but I think the dress is a bit of a show stopper. The neck tie is actually a head band but I've tied it round the dressmakers dummy's neck just to show that I’ve made an accessory for the dress.

The Missoni dress is made of another fabric I was quite scared of, & if I’m honest I’m not 100% sure I liked when I walked out of my fabric shop. I do now love it, it is very grown up but will work with my Spring Capsule Wardrobe well, with either brown boots or high grey heals.

My plan (among a thousand other things) this weekend is to try to take a few photos of me wearing my clothes so you have an idea of what the look like on a real person & not my rather strangely coloured red dressmakers dummy, which while being invaluable when I’m actually making the clothes isn’t the best thing to show my clothes off on especially when the clothes clash with red!

I also plan to go fabric shopping, hopefully I will be able to bag some more Missoni fabric which was great to work with, & some other similar stretch/ knitted fabrics. Will take some photos to show you my buys over the weekend.

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  1. I got obsessed with the French Connection Bex dress.... I wanted it so much but couldn't justify spending the money, and actually I think I got pregnant anyway and it is too short for me really... but I now have a similar obsession with this Missoni-alike! I can't stop thinking about it - I need you to start selling!!! xxx