Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Lounge Jacket…. So stylish

I’ve decided to finish a lounge suit which I started just before I began The Capsule Wardrobe Project. Making jackets is one of my favourite "sewing makes" & this jacket will be well worn when I get it finished.

The fabric is a lovely heavy stretch knit, it has a very tiny grey & lighter grey stripe in it. I have added beads to one of the collars, but only to see what I think, part of me thinks it’s a bit chintzy, but then the other half thinks “sparkle away”.

I’ve got to be a bit practical about the way I finish this off jacket, as I think I would be able to wear it with lots of the dresses I’ve made to make them a bit more me (that is a little LESS dressy) & therefore make my wardrobe work better... and as I am trying to make a “Capsule Wardrobe” then perhaps the no sparkle option is the one I should take.

I’m going to finish the top stitching (running stitch round the edge of the jacket) and then make a decision.

Ps this is another item which is a bit All Saints styleee… I so love them!

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