Monday, 10 January 2011

Spring Work wear - shirt/ cardy (little flowery top) & some flowers

I’ve been feeling tired tonight but have got on with a few things, I’ve pinned the ribbon onto the work wear flowery top, so I am ready for sewing this tomorrow night.

I’ve also made some little fabric flowers to go on the little black dress, I’m also going to add a bit of pink netting to this to make them look a bit more 3D.

Lastly I've blacked & bolded up the outside of one of the logos I was working on (the one on the left in the photo below), I think this this looks much better & will end up on my next pair of track pants.

Over the weekend I found my tailoring book, am going to start reading up on it tonight! Its by the publishers Apple & is worth a read if you’re thinking about making a jacket, as it has lots of tips & great pictures so you can really see what is being written about.

More updates tomorrow….

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