Thursday, 10 March 2011

Modern dotty animal kinda print dress, perfect for a cold Spring day!

Today I started making a dress out of the modern dotty animal kinda print I bought last weekend. It is a lovely soft stretch knit fabric & I’ve made a tunic type dress from it, I’ve just sewing up the shoulders & side seams.  I still have the neckline, sleeves & hem to sew but you can see where I am with these as they are currently pinned & ready to sew in the photographs I’ve taken today.  My plan is that this dress can be worn as is on the dressmakers dummy slightly dressed up with a big belt & perhaps flesh tights & brown boots or with leggings & heals (along with perhaps ankle warmers!).

I’ve also been playing around with the fleece I started a few days ago, I’ve top stitched the neck & arm holes and will top stitch the hem line but I've just been trying to work out where I want to cut away some fabric. At the moment far the fleece is far too bulky & will add for even the slimmest person about a stone in weight & the additional fabric will provide no additional heat (as this is a "keep me warm" item in my Capsule Wardrobe). You can see how I’ve pinned the fleece with quite a bit of shape & I think this is far more flattering, I just have to move the pins around so all the tucks of fabric are exactly the same on equivalent sides & then I will just use my overlocker to take away the excess fabric, but this is now tomorrow’s job!

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