Saturday, 20 November 2010

Spring Sleep wear - research & fabric

Sleep wear can be trend less, it does however have to be very comfortable & for Spring it need to be warm.

At the moment I like Jack Wills & Abercrombie & Fitch stylie (A&C especially after my NY visit - or was it just because they made us queue I got soooo excited about their clothing?!?).

I have some rather nice grey thermal type fabric which I was thinking I could tart up with the bows & velvet ribbons currently being use by the above two lovely fashion houses!

Note: I have said I DON'T want to look like everyone else, however I want to remain "on trend" & not out on a limb with my clothing! As I am taking the time & effort to make my own clothes rest assured that I will

NOT want to look like I am wearing clothes from an international brand!

Thermal cloth...

What do you think? Comments below please :)

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