Monday, 29 November 2010

Spring Work wear - I’ve been looking for Spring fabrics

I’ve found this fabric in two bright colours & think that both would make lovely jackets for the Spring. I also want to get some yellow into my clothing at some point even though I’ve never really liked the colour I think this is a great time to experiment!

What do you think of the colours? I think both would go well with a bright yellow skirt or dress.

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  1. Julia - I LOVE this blog!!! I've always wanted to do a blog but never known what to do it about... ESPECIALLY after watching Julie and Julia... though I was sad that Julia didn't like her. I also wish I was creative enough to make my own clothes... so much so that I collect patterns and do nothing with them as I'm not sure I'd even know how to sew a button on! I can't wait to see your capsule wardrobe come to life - I'm so excited about your project!!!

    PS - on the yellow - yellow is my favourite colour but it's a tricky one to work into clothes... I think it would look gorgeous with both those colours... though I also think it looks nice and relaxed with grey. It's also nice with navy...

    ARGH I'm really starting to wish I was doing this! Good luck!