Thursday, 16 December 2010

Spring Going Out - cutting, pinning & sewing the pink jacket & something for the Boys!

I’ve suddenly realised that there are a few guys might be bored of sewing!  So I’ve put together some funny sporty bits for you:  

*Our European Tour boys out in the desert … Clay pigeon shooting meets golf!

*A GMac Classic… Sports Personality of the Year this Sunday - vote for GMac a golfer with a personality.

*Swanny’s Ashes Video Diary - Episode 5... He is also after Sports Personality vote & he gets mine.  

For those of you interested in my sewing I’ve cut, pinned & sewn the Spring Going Out pink jacket - pictures below.

Lastly I’ve slightly changed the layout of the blog to make it easier to follow my progress.

When you click on the text "What do I have to make for Spring 2011?" you can see the list of clothes that I'm planning on making & when you click on the text "What have I made so far for Spring 2011?" you can see what I've made so far.

As always - pleased to hear any comments.

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